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Guitar Slides: The Beginner’s Guide

How To Perform Guitar Slides Slides are a basic guitar technique that you’ll find in every style of music. A slide is just what it sounds like: sliding your finger either up, down, to, or from notes. Fig. 1 Slide up to the 9th fret. Fig. 2 Slide down from the 9th fret. Fig. 3 Slide from the 7th fret to the 9th fret. Pick both notes. Fig. 4 Slide from the 9th fret to the 7th. Pick both notes. Fig. 5 Slide from 7th fret to the…

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A Sure-Fire Way To Play Guitar Faster

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you find yourself at a standstill where, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to play any faster than you already do? Are there songs that you would like to play, but it seems like you’ll never be able to play them at full speed? Do you find one or more of your fingers uncooperative- unable to fret the notes as fast as your other fingers? Would you like to double your current playing speed? Would you like…

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Slide Guitar Muting

{{unknown}}In this lesson we’re going to talk about muting when playing slide guitar. There’s two ways to mute when playing slide guitar: with the left hand with the right hand With the left hand we can our fingers behind the slide on the strings to dampen unused strings. With the right hand you can use a palm mute, or if you’re fingerpicking, you can use unused fingers to dampen strings that you don’t want to make any noise. In the video below I’ll show you…

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“Slow Blues” Guitar Licks: Make Your Guitar Cry, Wail, Sing, And Sting Like A Bee

Do You Want To Be Able Make Your Guitar Sing Just Like Greats Such As Slow Blues Masters Albert King, B.B. King, And Stevie Ray Vaughan? Here’s a lesson from the Guitar Alliance course called “Slow Blues”. In this lesson you’ll learn how to play a slow blues lick in the key of C. It’s a great lick to add to your trick bag. Guitar Alliance members can enjoy the full 48 lesson Slow Blues course located  here.  Not a member? Sign up today to access…

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Slide Guitar: Frequently Asked Questions

{{unknown}}Below you’ll find answers to common questions about playing slide guitar. Be sure to check out our “Beginner Slide Guitar” course. “Which slide should I use?” There are basically two types of slides: metal and glass. Glass is great for sustain. The heavier the glass the better. You could go the old school route and cut your own slide from a bottle or you could simply go to a music store and spend 5 bucks. Metal has great attack- especially for electric guitar. Heavy metal slides sound different than…

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