alice in chains

“Down In A Hole ( Unplugged )” by Alice In Chains

Difficulty: Intermediate In many ways, Alice in Chains was the definitive heavy metal band of the early ’90s. Drawing equally from the heavy riffing of post metal and the gloominess of post-punk, the band developed a cool sound that balanced grinding hard rock with subtly textured acoustic numbers. Album : MTV Unplugged It’s tuned to all flats. Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb Intro […]


New: “Lead Guitar Dashboard 2014″

Point N’ Click Your Way To Lead Guitar Success! Never before has a training system for lead guitar been so effortless! How effortless you ask? Here it is, plain as day: You start with icon one. You click on it. You follow the simple and painless steps. Proceed to icon two. Next thing you know, […]


“Hotel California” by The Eagles

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced This lesson covers the 1st lead guitar from the harmony part at the very end of the song “Hotel California”. In the song two lead guitars play in harmony. Hear This Lesson: Guitar 1 I’ve broken the section down into 4 parts. Practice each part separately then try to put it all together. This is the […]

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