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Easy Guitar Solos

Many people would say that there aren’t many super easy guitar solos out there. After all, the solo is a time for the guitarist to show off a little. For a beginning guitarist they all seem hard. We’ll we poked an prodded to find easy guitar solos that would be a good starting point for aspiring soloists. Again, they aren’t easy in the sense that, say, an open C chord is.  You’ll want to be prepared to bend a string now and then and you’ll want to be comfortable with playing quick hammer-ons and pull-offs.

The journey to play guitar solos begins with a first step, so dive on in and give these easy guitar solos a try. You might not be able to play them up to speed right away, but if you keep practicing you’ll eventually get there!

10 Easy Guitar Solos

The following 10 solos might not be for the total beginner, but they are guitar solos that fall more towards “easy” as opposed to “hard”. What have you got to lose? Give them a try!

“Come Together” by The Beatles

A lot of songs from The Beatles get the “easy” stamp. The fab four chose to do their Easy Guitar Solosshowing-off in their song composition and not necessarily in the individual instrument parts.  The solo for  “Come Together” doesn’t provide any fireworks or fancy fretboardmanship. Instead it provides just what the song needs.  It’s a short solo, too. It’s only 5 measures long! 

Please notice that there are two guitars playing during the solo playing in harmony.  Practice playing both parts (they are very similar). Click here to learn it!

“Burning For You” by Blue Oyster Cult

solo guitar easyHere’s a solo without any fancy bends that from the intro of “Burning For You”.  It’s a well constructed solo that provides some interesting phrasing. The hardest part is found in the string skipping. Many times we’ll switch from one string to the nearest string, but in the case of this song we’ll skip over a string to hit a higher or lower note as found in measures 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Click here to learn it!

Today by Smashing Pumpkins

This one has two easy guitar parts. The first guitar part contains a few half step bends, but that’s the hardest part.  The second guitar part looks a bit busy, but it just repeats the same thing over and over. Click Here to learn it!

“Be Yourself” by Audioslave

classic rock guitarThe first part of this solo is super easy. It’s so easy that it almost feels like a joke. Parts 2 and 3 pump up the difficulty factor, but they are still easy to learn. Click here to learn it!

“Layla” by Derek And The Dominos

The leads in the intro are great for the beginner to learn. We’ve got some three part harmony happening here.  Click here to learn it!guitar lesson

“Shout At The Devil” by Motley Crue

great guitar solosThis solo is one of the easiest you’ll ever learn. It’s mostly unison bends and empty space. Click here to learn it!

“Top Gun Anthem”

The main lead part to this song is very pretty and so very easy to play. Click here to learn it!

“Beverly Hills” by Weezer

Another super easy solo. Click here to learn it!

“No Rain” by Blind Melon

Once you get the vibe of the song, you’ll find this solo easy and fun to perform. Click here to learn it!

“Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love” by Van Halen

Here’s one of the easier solos from Eddie Van Halen. There’s no tapping required! Click here to learn it!

“Highway To Hell” by ACDC

easy guitar solosAngus Young’s solos are usually heavily blues based. That’s the case with “Highway To Hell”. It’s more of an intermediate solo than one for a beginner, but there are several “standard” licks that pop up in zillions of other songs. For example, measures 1 & 2 feature a repeating pattern lick that’s a great starting point for beginners.

There are a lot of little bends  throughout the solo that will require practice, but it’s a fairly slow paced solo that’s a good challenge for beginners. Click here to learn it!

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