Blues Guitar Licks

You Can Play The Hottest Blues Guitar  Licks In Town–Guaranteed!

Blues Guitar Licks

On this page you’ll links to lessons that will show you how to play 100 of the hottest blues guitar licks.

These lessons will help you develop the knowledge and skill to make up your own blues licks (even entire solos) completely on the fly.

Each blues guitar licks includes everything you need such as:

  • Jam tracks
  • Detailed instruction
  • Complete tab

Learn all 100 blues guitar licks and at the end you’ll be a complete blues lick master. That’s a solid guarantee.

100 Hot Blues Guitar Licks

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Day 21Day 22Day 23Day 24Day 25Day 26Day 27Day 28Day 29Day 30
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Day 41Day 42Day 43Day 44Day 45Day 46Day 47Day 48Day 49Day 50
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Day 61Day 62Day 63Day 64Day 65Day 66Day 67Day 68Day 69Day 70
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Day 81Day 82Day 83Day 84Day 85Day 86Day 87Day 88Day 89Day 90
Day 91Day 92Day 93Day 94Day 95Day 96Day 97Day 98Day 99Day 100


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