Blues Turnarounds Revealed

An In-Depth Look At An Integral Part Of Great Blues Guitar

“Blues Turnarounds”  is the new e-book that will give you access to training and tutoring in every aspect of blues turnarounds.

You probably already realize how important a good turnaround is for blues music, but what I bet you didn’t realize is how many different variations for the turnaround there actually are. That’s why I created a blues guitar course called “Blues Turnaround”.

You’ll find…

  • Learn the secrets behind great blues guitar!
  • Play (and create) blues turnarounds, intros, endings!
  • Learn standard 12-bar blues!
  • Unleash I-IV-V chords and how they pertain to blues music.

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With “Blues Turnarounds” you’ll discover…

  • How to play simple progressions used in turnarounds, intros, and endings such as: The I, IV, and V chords, including how to keep the tonality from the root, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and more, where these beats typically begin, as well as how to play other scale notes in a riff or sequence leading up to (and past) the typical establishment of the beat
  • How to shift melodies using the I, IV, V chords using creative expression for cool phrasings such as: Simple rules for developing and constructing your very own unique phrasings using root notes (or a stationary note) that enable you to expand and/or contract intervals between given notes including fundamental (and experimental) turnaround examples
  • How to ‘change the feel’ of a turnaround playing various ascending and descending phrases usingDouble stops in a shuffle rhythm, an array of time signatures such as 12/8 and 4/4, how to keep a given I, IV, and V chord stationary while moving other notes up or down, converting double stops instead of triplets to create a different sense of phrasing and more!
  • The easiest way to determine how to quickly and efficiently shift additional melodies: Move from one note to the next while keeping a ‘static’ root, moving to different notes between other intervals such as 3 to 1, 3 to 5, 5 to 3, 5 to b7, b7 to 5 and so on…
  • Top-Secret information on choosing notes that are to be played using: High or low melody, depending on where they are on the fretboard, what direction you wish to move them, and how to create ‘contrary motion’ phrases
  • Living, breathing real-world examples using various ascending and descending turnarounds such as: Slow blues with emphasis on slides and arpeggios, differences in timing on turnarounds with riffs such as “Jesus Just Left Chicago” by ZZ Top, contracting motions, contrary motions, and more.
  • Complicated progression turnarounds using a variety of different chords: The absolute most important aspect of learning to do so is ensuring tonality based on complicated turnarounds to keep the passage running smoothly. We’ll show you how to hit notes from a given chord using “Outside Woman Blues” by Eric Clapton!
  • How to create perfect intros and endings focusing on rules such as: How to shift melody lines from a given bar, resolving both simple and complicated progression turnarounds to create a logical and sustained ending to a given passage. You’ll even learn how to tweak timing in given phrases to create the perfect suspense.
I’ve covered virtually everything there is to know about the blues turnaround.

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12 Bonus Video Lessons

These bonus videos go right along with the information your obtain from the e-book.

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I’ve tried to add as much value to this offer as I can. As you can plainly see, it’s worth many times more than the 7.00 that I’m charging. This also means that I WILL be increasing the price in the near future, so it’s imperative that you act now to secure your copy of ” Blues Turnarounds”. I think it’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make.


Kenny Mann


P.S. Oh, one last thing. You’ll get free revisions for life, plus you’ll have access to any additional tabs and videos that I may add to the program in the future.