White Christmas (Fingerstyle Version 1)

This song is in standard tuning.

It is set to 140 bpm (beats per minute).


You’ll have some standard jazz chords, so pay CLOSE attention
to the fingerings. I would try not to deviate from them.
It may feel weird playing the last measure the way it is
shown, but try it. You’ll see why when you move through
the next measures.



Really let those chords ring through. It sounds great!
If you invert your fingers at the beginning, you’ll be
able to slide to the desired notes much easier. Usually
you try to slide with your 1st finger if you can, because
it is much more comfortable. In this case, however, you
will need to play what is shown if you want the desired
effect and clean transition into other notes.


The slides are easier than they look if you follow the


Ok, there are a few things you should know about these

This is where you really have to have a good sense of
timing to make the song sound jazzy. The reason is that
we will slow down and speed up to create that space that
jazz players are good at. When you see “rit.” that
just means that you need to slow down, or retard your picking.
You can slow it down however you wish, but just be quick
to come back in to make it sound nice and warm.

Harmonics are at the end of the song. This is a beautiful
way to end a song. If you have trouble with harmonics,
just practice a few times. What you will want to do is
BARELY touch the strings that you need to, and try to get
your 4th finger as close to the 13th fret as you can, without
actually hitting that fret. Doing so will produce a harmonic.

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