How To Tune Guitar

One of the very first things you should learn is how to tune guitar. An out of tune guitar is frustrating to play and you shouldn’t have to take it to someone else to tune it every time it goes out of tune.

Standard tuning is the “default” tuning for the guitar. Most songs that you will learn will be in standard tuning. Use the audio clips below to get your guitar in tune. Match the pitch of each string as closely as you can. It’s alright if it takes you awhile. You’ll get better with pratice. One you have tunned all six strings, go back and check them again. Sometimes you’ll have to make some minor adjustments.

This lesson will show you how to tune to standard tuning.

How To Tune Guitar Video:

Standard Tuning

You can use the images and audio files to tune your guitar to standard tuning:

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The tuning machines on the headstock of the guitar are used to tighten the strings to make them sound at a higher pitch, or to loosen the strings, hence making them sound at a lower pitch.

You can tighten the strings by using a counter-clockwise motion, or you can lossen the strings with a clockwise motion:

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Absolute Tuning

If you need your guitar to be exactly in tune with e.g. a piano, then you’ll need a tuner or some other device that can give a reference to guarantee accuracy. To get the most accurate tuning you will want to use a good quality chromatic tuner.

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