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Christmas Songs For Guitar – Tabs And Lessons

Let the music of Christmas fill the air with popular tunes for acoustic and electric guitar. We’ve got a nice selection of beginner, intermediate, and advanced song studies that will allow you to bring some Yuletide joy to your friends and loved ones.

Fingerstyle Versions

You’ll find some of the more beautiful versions of these songs here in the fingerstyle section. You’ll find very intricate passages that will be a challenge for some players. We have several versions of some of the songs, so you’re sure to find a version you like.

Duo Versions

Below are ten popular Christmas classics for two guitar players. The first player plays the song chords and the second plays the melody. I’ll show you how to play the melodies, while my playing partner Nathan will show all you how to easily strum along to what I am playing using basic and common chords.

Strumming Songs

Do you just feel like sitting around with your acoustic guitar and sing Christmas songs around the fireplace? If so,  then these are the versions of these songs you’ll be interested in most.

Audio Files

Download and burn your own Christmas CD. Here are some of the fingerstyle songs in MP3 format for your listening pleasure.

Click HERE To Download The Entire Album

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